Emergency Financial Assistance? These Resources Can Help in 2023

by Claudius Woods

With increased billing rates, almost half of us find it hard to pay them. Many times, our total savings run out and we find ourselves in the middle of a disastrous situation. One third of the population in the US is currently living in the depression zone. One study presented the out of the many reasons for depression. The major one is depression over resources and finances. In this age of credit card utilization, extra debt adds up on us because of our credit records. Every month, when one has to pay a huge amount as the down debt alongside high interest rates. This makes it extremely difficult to keep pace with a sound financial situation. Almost 70% of the population in America faces a lack of resources to run home by the end of each month. We all know that by the end of the month, we all are mostly broke. So, what should be in case an emergency falls upon us? How can we cope with that in the presence of very limited financial resources? The answer to both these questions would be uncertain. Obviously, we are not children anymore. Therefore, we cannot entirely rely upon the emergency " piggy bank"of us. But, the good news is there. Though, a situation no matter how hard it is, still has a way out. The same thing works here. At the times of dire needs, there are certain resources acting up as your "saviour angel". They can save you from falling into the pit of debt and devastation. So, you can rely on these genuine and helpful resources for meeting up the needs of your difficult times. Gear up yourselves for finding out your saving mantra.

If you are a potterhead, you must be remembering that life changing quote of professor Dumbeldore, that, "Hogwarts gives help to those who are credible .'' Taking you back to Hogwarts world of mystery was for a specific purpose. Actually, real life is very similar to fantasy life in this regard. Not everyone pretending in need, really needs financial help. But, there are always specific circumstances that might indicate you are in need of help.

You haven't saved enough for the hard times

We never know when the tough times knock on our door. As human beings, we always try to have the best defence against the hard times. It is studied that on average a human being always tries to have four months savings. In other words, if something harsh falls upon you. You can spend at least four months with these savings, without needing any external help. Well! That is just an idea. In reality, many of us are extravagant enough like the grasshopper in the story that we just overlook savings. We never save enough. So, if you haven't saved a lot to tackle down the emergencies. You would be needing any external resource for help.

You never pay down debts on time

Credit cards are much of a relief for most of us. Because, they help us anytime anywhere for paying for most of the stuff. This ranges from the small scale grocery shopping to getting plane tickets for a vacation. But, just as everything comes with a downside. You have to pay the cost every once in a while. In the very same way, credit cards come with a down debt too. This down debt needs to be paid every month or else you are going to be at a greater risk of bankruptcy.

You are extravagant enough to get everything in the store

Well, you all will agree with me over this. We all are at times very extravagant to get everything we see when we are out. As, there is a saying, desires have no ending boundaries. So, we try to fulfill much of our desires too. But, this can turn into a pretty much bad situation if you keep on doing this for a very long period. With no savings left, you really need someone else to pay your bills. (Well! just a bit sarcastic though)

You are blind to see your down debt

You know that your down debt is dangerously rising. Still, you are being ignorant towards this. You are spending as lavishly as you can. This can make it very difficult for you at the end to pay all at once. Because, the down debt comes with very high interest rates. If these rates get elevated to an extent you are unable to pay. Your credit card issuer can take legal actionagainst you. The long term effects are also there. You can be blacklisted. So, you would really need a strong helping hand for your debt payments.

Your expenditure is based on today

When you spend, you never think of the hard times coming in future. You only think of today. Therefore, all your expenses are based in terms of present. That is going to bring some serious consequences in future. If you don't become serious regarding your future. If things turn out problematic in the near or far future and you are not capable of controlling them. You have not saved a single penny for these situations. What else can you expect except some divine help?

In the light of these situations, you can easily analyze your current situation. Keeping a check on your own financial situation is very important. Since, it can save you from all sorts of problems in future. If you think that you might be facing a tough time because of your finances. You simply need to follow a 3 point mantra.

Stay calm

You know that things have become difficult for you. You cannot control the situation. But, you can control yourself at least. Knowing that you have not enough resources to pay off your debts or bills is obviously getting you into fits of tension. But, the actual tension is how to control this bulk of tension. Saving yourself from panic can keep your senses alive. This can be helpful in terms of sorting out a way out of that situation.

Stay focussed

Once you have learnt that things have gone pretty much bad. Obviously, controlling them is not the option. Still, you can try. Try to think of as many as ways to get out of it as possible. Focus properly on your resourcesin hand and the requirements. This can help you find a better way to step out of your problem zone.

Stay Active

Once you have sorted out the problem. Look for all the possible solutions. For this, you need to be really active. You need to seek external resources for help. You can find out the sources that are of some help in this regard. This will let you know what could be done?Not only this but how could be done.

For seeking help from the resources, the first and foremost thing is finding the right resources for you. There are three ways you can consider;

Seeking help from the government resources

Seeking help from non-profit-organization

Seeking help from self fund-raising through websites

How important are government resources in this regard?

Government always serves to provide welfare to its citizens. There are many welfare programs, grants and subsidies running by the government that can provide you financial aid. This financial aid might be of any kind. It depends upon your financial problem. It can be any medical emergency, debt payment or rental issues. The financial hardship assistance programs purposely launched for this can help you a lot. A list of such programs is here

  1. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  2. The Low Income Home Energy Resistance Program (LIHEAP)
  3. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)
  4. The Housing Choice Voucher Program(Section8)
  5. The Medicare Savings Program

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF)

This program is launched in all the states to provide basic facilities like food, housing and rental services to under-privileged. It also helps those who are in dire need of money to fulfill these necessities. The eligibility criteria varies according to the state's own code of conduct and life standard.

The Low Income Home Energy Resistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Resistance Program (LIHEAP)
The Low Income Home Energy Resistance Program (LIHEAP)

It is a federal level program that works for better temperature choices . It works to maintain a bearable temperature for humans in extreme summers and winters. This eco-friendly program gives grants bearing the repairing and regulation cost of ventilation and heat in houses.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)

The US Department ofHousing and Urban Development(HUD)
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)

This department works for the provision of roof to all. It gives grants for having subsidized houses for all.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program(Section8)

The Housing Choice Voucher Program(Section8)
The Housing Choice Voucher Program(Section8)

This program focuses on the lower-middle working class families. It works for providing affordable subsidized housing to the working class by offering them grants. Those who are eligible for the program are required to consult with Public Housing Agencies(PHA). These agencies help them to find affordable houses at minimum costs.

The Medicare Savings Program

The Medicare Savings Program
The Medicare Savings Program

It is an all in one medical care program for the deprived families. It offers low-cost medical assistance as well as helps them by different means. It offers copayments, coinsurances and bears several medical expenses.

Looking for financial help? Why not consult NGOs?

If you are not satisfied with the government programs you can look for the non-profit-organizations (NGOs)too. These NGOs help you in bearing your housing, billing and other expenses including child care and maternity. The NGOs offer financial help through several aid supported programs. Some of the very renowned NGOs and programs initiated are

  1. Feeding America offering food services free to those who are in need. With almost 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries all across America, they are getting popularity. They also assist people in finding grants from the government.
  2. Modest Needs provide assistance for meeting the basic needs like food billing and shelter. It helps people by offering their specified "self sufficient grants".
  3. Volunteers of America which helps in providing housing services all across America. It has 25,000 volunteers assisting the needy ones.
  4. The HealthWell Foundation provides medical grants to the eligible ones. There is an eligibility criteria for this including the overall income and medical condition alongside insurance. The grants bear the medical debts and high expenses of medical care.

How about fundraising?

If you are not into the programs of aid. There is another way. You can start fundraising for yourself. It is very simple. You open up a fundraising site like GoFundMe and start fundraising. For self funding, you are required to submit your details. After this, you mention your cause of fund gain. Then you set a target and duration. You can share the fund link over your social accounts. This method has gained immense popularity and is widely acclaimed.

By now, you must be aware of strategies you can opt for at hard times. But still, your foremost try should be avoiding such times as much as you can. Because saving is the key to relief.

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