Apps Like Shazam for Androids to Find Out the Name of a Tune Being Played on TV, the Radio, or Anywhere Else

by Claudius Woods

Songs are composed to communicate, teach, and make the opinion of the singer known to its listeners. Many a time, you find it difficult to remember a song , lyrics , tune , and any music you heard on radio and other media devices in time past. These may be a result of the fogginess of the brain and other unforeseen circumstances . When y ou are unable to recognize the tune, lyrics, or song, then you have an app like Shazam majorly developed to help you do the job. Shazam is one of the popular music identifying apps that help you to remember the lyrics and name of the song effectively. However, Shazam has quite a few shortcomings, one of which is the fact that it has a lot of features that may not be useful to the smartphone owner and eventually cause lagging of the smartphone .

Best Shazam Alternatives to Fugure Out the Name of a Song You Like

Therefore, there is a need to discuss apps like Shazam that will be easy to use, simple, efficient, and effective to help you identify any song, tune, lyrics, and other types of music you have previously enjoyed. These apps include:

1. SoundHound - Link


SoundHound is music recognizing app developed for use on mobile platforms like androids . The app also works on other smartphone devices like iOS , Blackberry , and Windows phones . SoundHound is an app that stands out as a major competitor with Shazam because of its ability to detect any tune and also its in-built sound2sound recognitions services . The app is easy to use. All you need do is tap the orange button to identify the tune, see live lyrics, and play the video of the song once you launch the app. Also, you can ask the latest song released an artist like "What is Rony Kenoly latest song", and the app will identify the song for you. Furthermore, you can enjoy exceptional services like adding songs to Spotify , get weekly feature songs , videos , and artists when you use the SoundHound app. The app also offers advanced search statistics on geotagging , publications on Twitter, and Facebook . You can learn how to use it clicking the link below:

2 Genius - Link

2    Genius
2 Genius

With the use of Genius , you can easily find lyrics, songs, and any music you wish to remember. The app offers its users a concise music search from its music database . When you want to start using Genius , you create a profile by entering brief details. This registration allows you to attach your Facebook , T witter, and Google accounts . It also allows you to share your discovery and also know new tracks and albums . After that, you can start using it to identify your lyrics, songs, and other types of music you desire. Genius performs this function either by bringing a sound source closer to the device or search through your previous playlists.You can also use the search interface on the app to search for the song you want to remember. As soon as you identify the song , you can play it directly through the app on your device. You can learn more about the app in the link below:

3. Musixmatch - Link


Musixmatch is an of the android apps that boast of one of the largest lyrics banks to date . The app performs a dual function of being a music player and also identifying forgotten lyrics, songs, and other kinds of music. Musixmatch is one of the leading apps that identify songs and provide you with the lyrics incredibly. The app offers you the opportunity to create lyric cards , explore artist biographies , artist's latest albums, and tracks , and also synchronize the text of the lyrics of the song you wish to remember . Learn more about Musixmatch in the link below: › apps

4 MusicID - Link

4  MusicID
4 MusicID

If you desire using an app that can outshine Shazam when it comes to r ecognizing songs and listening to new favorite music, MusicID is the best app you can trust to do the job. The process of identifying your desired song is straightforward and fast. All you need do is tap the microphone button in the app, and the app will perform the task for you. Once you identify the song, the app will supply you with detailed information on the song , its YouTube videos, other similar songs, and also create memories of the songs . MusicID also allows its users to purchase the song identified directly from Amazon and iTunes . It also helps you to share the identified song information with friends and interest people. The app works effectively on android and iOS.

Learn more about MisicID on:

5. Soly - Link

Apps Like Shazam for Androids to Find Out the Name of a Tune Being Played on TV, the Radio, or Anywhere Else: Soly
Apps Like Shazam for Androids to Find Out the Name of a Tune Being Played on TV, the Radio, or Anywhere Else: Soly

Soly is simple with colorful music recognizing app that is available free on android. The app is one of the best alternatives to Shazam when it comes to recognizing songs , playing , sharing identified songs with friends, and loved ones. Once you get the app on your smartphone, you open it, and all you have is a simple and colorful interface . After you open the app, you tap the "identify the song" at the center of the app . Once tapped, Soly song and lyrics finder automatically connects to the ACRCloud's database to identify the song for you . After the song has been identified, you get the option of playing the song on YouTube , share with family , friend , and loved ones . Sony also offers you options like the Lyrics finder , Lyrics generator, and checking out or pulling up different ads .

Sonic Search
Sonic Search

Sony search is an excellent app that helps to recognize the lyrics of songs that are difficult to comprehend . The app is known for its ability to produce quality sound output , produce various degrees of popular song, and varieties of genres. The sound search comes with a simple and interesting design. Also, it connects securely to the network. This enables the app to help you search for the song you want to identify and also do online streaming of the identified songs . Need a free app that performs these functions, kindly downloads the Sony search app .

7. Earbits Music Discovery App - Link

EarbitsMusic Discovery App
Earbits Music Discovery App

When you need music identifying app that works without any form of ads interruption , the Earbits Music discovery app is the best you can choose. With this app, the task of searching for favorite tunes , songs, and downloading them becomes easy . Earbits Music Discoveray app also helps its users to create a good playlist of its downloaded songs . The app also has its radio that makes your entertainment with the app a perfect one .

8. Spotify - Link


Spotify is free music recognizing app that has gained widespread popularity since the time it was first launched. This is because of the simple and colorful interface it displays when launched on the smartphone. The app can be used to recognize songs , lyrics , tunes , podcasts, and discover new music . Furthermore, Spotify helps to search for new music based on genres , songs , and artists . It also has social network ads where you can connect , share music, and check on your friends and family . Apart from Spotify availability on android, it is also available on computers, web players, and PlayStations . Choosing this app has never been a regret for its users, and guess what, you will not regret your decision to choose it to recognize your favorite songs .

9. Music Recognition - Link

Music Recognition

The music recognition app is an app designed to recognize songs that you cannot remember vividly. Though not a Shazam like app, the Music recognition app possesses features that help you to search and identify songs, lyrics, and tunes you probably might to have forgotten easily. Don't want to miss this app, kindly download it on your smartphone.

10. Music Detector - Link

Music Detector

Are you interested in using the music identifying app that will impress from the point of download, then you can choose the Music detector apps . This is a simple and easy to operate music identifying app that efficiently performs the function. All you need to do when using the app to identify music is to play the app on your smartphone, and it will recognize the sound with just a tune from the song. Don't hesitate to try out the app if you need a simple and easy to operate music recognizing app with quality sound output .

11. ReverbNation - Link


For those who want to get uninterrupted music to listen to, the ReverbNation music discovery app is the best for them. The app offers its users free access to songs and a chance to listen to them, meaning that it doesn't do the job of identifying songs alone . ReverbNation app is easy to use , can search for songs, and share them with your friends, family, and loved ones. Learn more about the app in the link below:


Music identification with apps like Shazam is vital to the career of all upcoming music artists , professional music artists , and all music lovers . With the use of the music identifying app, the task of remembering your favorite songs that you have forgotten or get stuck in your brain have become easier. Though Shazam remains the app to beat, the apps discussed can also compete favorably considering their features , functions , and output . Even sometimes, their workability and efficiency make them rank above Shazam. Therefore, if you are willing to search a song , tune , lyrics, and share them with your friends in the year 2023 , kindly consider choosing any of the apps discussed here.

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