How to Get Paid with Your Computer Running in 2023

by Claudius Woods

Do you have a personal computer and all you do is watch movies or play video games with it? If yes that's okay. After all, we all can't be nerds. Studying and working can consume a large portion of our time daily but finding time to have fun will relieve one of the stress that comes with such tedious activities.

Why Getting Paid and Computer Being On ?

A computer system is designed for a lot of functions and while we won't be telling you what a computer is used for, we will instead show you how to earn money with your personal computer without doing much.

The need to make extra income is very important as it helps to cover monthly expenses considering the fact that your salary or wages might not be enough.

If you have a computer, I have good news for you. You can get paid for leaving the computer running. There are several ways to get paid for leaving your computer running and this is made possible through several amazing software.

You can make a lot of money with computer processing but the level of money that can be made depending on your operating system specifications. The more powerful your computer, the better. The idea of this money making opportunity is basically renting your PC power for cash.

How Getting Paid a Running Computer Works ?

How Getting Paid a Running Computer Works ?
How Getting Paid a Running Computer Works ?

There are several activities carried out with a computer system and it gets to a point where more computing power is needed to carry out additional tasks or projects. It could be a market research or data analysis, so with distributed computing you can purchase computer power elsewhere.

The extra computing space gives individuals or businesses the chance to run their projects on multiple computer systems at the same time. As an individual, you can make the most of this opportunity to rent out your computer space to those that needs it while you get paid in return.

You must be wondering how you will get paid right? It's quite simple.

You will get paid for the number of hours you keep your computer running via cryptocurrency or through PayPal. This money making opportunity is very legit.

Best Ways to Get Paid for Leaving Your Computer On

There are several companies that pays people to install and run their software in their computer background while they get paid. We have carefully selected the best of them all such as;

Distributed Cloud Network (MQL5) - How-to Link

Distributed Cloud Network (MQL5)
Distributed Cloud Network (MQL5)

The Distributed Cloud Network is one of the best ways to make money for leaving your computer running. This is a program that offers automated trading such as MQL5. It is a huge online market place where users get to sell algorithmic trading programs which helps to making trading easy and profitable.

As a member on the platform, you can share your free computer space with your team members and get paid for it. When you download the software on your PC and install it, members will gain access to your computer space.

Benefits of Installing MQL5 :

  • This is one of the best platforms to get paid for sharing PC space.
  • Agents on MQL5 gain access to shared network through Sandbox.
  • You can redeem all your earned cash via WebMoney or PayPal.

MinePrize - How-to Link


This amazing platform is one of the best ways to get money for idle CPU power. You can earn points as reward for carrying out certain activities on the platform. When you register, you will be required to open a web browser and load special pages while the computer goes ahead to perform complex mathematical tasks. The servers of the site will give your PC tasks to complete and then pay you.

Benefits of Installing MinePrize :

  • You can redeem your points for electronics and cash.
  • MinePrize is a good platform to sell your computer processing power.
  • Sign up is free and 10,000,000 points can be exchanged for $100.0 USD.

Digital Coin Generation - How-to Link

Digital Coin Generation
Digital Coin Generation

Digital coin generation offers a great way to make money with your computer system running. Money can be made with this software without any financial investment. All you have to do is to install the software on your computer while the company pays you a cash reward in return.

You can earn $1.0 USD or more daily by renting out a small percentage of your computer processor. You are basically getting paid for their software to run on your computer. You can earn up to $50.0 USD after account activation.

Benefits of Installing Digital Coin Generation :

  • Registration is absolutely free.
  • There is no cash withdrawal limit or restriction.
  • The money earned after registration can be invested to earn more.

My Cashware - How-to Link

My Cashware
My Cashware

This is a software that rewards users for leaving their computer system running. You can make extra income by simply allow the "My Cashware" software to run on your PC after installation. This software uses a virtual currency model to mine cash through a certain process.

You can make good use of your idle computer system by allowing the software to create a mining space for generating virtual currencies. Example of these virtual currencies are Litcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can make use of your PC at any time while the software runs in the background.

It won't cost you anything to earn money with this wonderful software and the money earned on this platform is secure. It is a safe way to get paid with your PC.

Benefits of Installing My Cashware :

  • You will earn 20% of income made by your referrals.
  • You will get more rewards if you trade currencies in higher prices.
  • Payout threshold is as low as $5.0 and can be withdrawn via Paypal.

Golem Network - How-to Link

Golem Network
Golem Network

Golem network is a distributed computing network that offers users a good opportunity to earn extra cash that can be used to supplement monthly expense.

It is quite new in the world of distributed computing but has been tested to be very reliable. The platform can connect numerous computing systems together.

You can benefit from this site by sharing the free space on your CPU with other users that needs it. Golem creates a decentralized sharing economy of computing power for users and software developers. You will receive payment per hour.

Benefits of Installing Golem Network :

  • The added layer of security makes it possible to transact via escrow.
  • Rewards from the platform are redeemed as cryptocurrency.
  • Golem acts as a supercomputer and performs tasks such as CGI rendering.

LoadTeam - How-to Link


You can make good use of your unused computer power with the LoadTeam application. It is a very good way to generate money due to its unique function.

You can sell your computer processing power for good cash without doing much.

When you install the app, it will quite run in your computer background without interfering with your regular task while your PC performs certain tasks. When these tasks are completed, you will receive payment as reward.

The completed tasks result sent by your computer system to LoadTeam is what will qualify you to earn cash. It is a wonderful platform.

Benefits of Installing LoadTeam :

  • You will receive $0.20 USD as signup bonus.
  • The app is mobile enabled and can be installed on different computers.
  • Payout threshold is $1.0 USD and can be redeemed through PayPal.

Ougo Browser - How-to Link

Ougo Browser
Ougo Browser

The final program on our list offers a unique way of making money for leaving your computer running. It is a simple click exchange program designed to ensure links and website functions properly. This Autoclick program offers a good platform to sell computer processing power and earn money in return.

With this program, all you need to do is to leave your computer running in the background while you stay online to do whatever you want or even leave the computer idle. It is an easy way to make cool money without stress.

Benefits of Installing Ougo Browser :

  • You will receive 5% of all your referral earnings.
  • The program can help generate traffic to your personal website.
  • You will make $10.0 USD daily if you let your computer run for 24 hours.


Getting paid to leave your computer system running is a good way to earn extra income without much physical effort. You will only be required to download and install specific programs that allows external users to have access to your CPU space while your computer works in the background. The money earned from this process is good enough to help pay your bills.

There are several ways to sell your computer processing power but the ways mentioned in this guide are legit and reliable. We recommend checking them out without any delay or procrastination.

Generate money for yourself while your computer system is idle.

All the programs, applications and companies listed in this article will offer you the best chance to make good money with your PC. It is a good side hustle that can be very helpful in your pursuit of financial freedom.

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