How Much Time Will It Take to Watch Everything on Netflix?

by Claudius Woods

Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, people don't need to buy expensive tickets to watch their favorite movies anymore. Now they can watch their favorite TV shows and movies at the ease of their home with minimal requirements.

After Amazon Prime, Netflix is the second-best, most-watched streaming service where you can watch almost every award-winning show here on Netflix.

However, every good thing comes with a cost nowadays. If you want to watch the most hyped shows that are exclusively available on Netflix, you'd have to subscribe to it as a member. Subscription to Netflix comes with varying prices based on your preference.

If you aren't aware of the pricing yet, let's tell you!

Plans Offered by Netflix for Subscription

Before you subscribe to Netflix, you will be offered 3 plans to choose from. Choose the plan that fits your requirements the best.

Features Basic Standard Premium
Movies and Shows in High-Definition Unavailable Available Available
Ultra High Definition Unavailable Unavailable Available
Screen-Sharing that's Allowed at one time 1 Screen 2 Screens 4 Screens
Unlimited Movies and TV Shows Available Available Available
Cancel the Subscription Anytime Available Available Available
30 Days Free Trial Available Available Available
Monthly Price $9 $13 $16

Fun Facts about Netflix

Fun Facts about Netflix
Fun Facts about Netflix

You may not know the interesting facts that we are just about to tell you about Netflix! If you want to know these amazing facts, keep reading! Otherwise, skip this part.

1. Netflix was Originally called Kibble

Before choosing a permanent name for the newly created streaming service, a lot of suggestions were made and considered such as Kibble. However, it didn't last for much longer since the creative team decided to name it Netflix.

2. Netflix has made a Science out of Spoilers

Netflix was way too concerned about how spoilers affect the viewership of content. They took professional advice from an anthropologist named Grant McCracken. According to his research, if a show is good enough, adding some spoilers in the teaser doesn't make its viewership any less.

If we compare the total subscriptions of Netflix with the population that is still paying for the traditional cable, Netflix takes the lead.

4. You can get Paid for Translating Netflix Shows

There might not be any region where Netflix hasn't been introduced. The viewership of Netflix is beyond any race, linguistics, etc. Hence, they are always looking for people to translate their shows for respective regions like an expert. You can try your luck at it; however, you need to be an expert for this purpose, let alone a professional.

5. Unlimited Shows Each Year

On Netflix, each year, many shows are produced and uploaded. You can always have something new to watch. You never have to waste a single day to find something good. There is a huge ocean of movies and TV shows that you can choose from.

There are so many shows available on Netflix that it makes people wonder how long it's going to take them to watch everything on Netflix.

If you are also one of those people who can't stop wondering about it or anything similar, we are going to solve your queries once and for all!

In this guide, we are going to tell you about how long it would take for you to finish watching everything available on Netflix, let alone if it's even possible or not. So, keep reading!

Let's begin with doing the basic math that is going to help us at giving you an appropriate answer:

How much Content is Available on Netflix?

How much Content is Available on Netflix?
How much Content is Available on Netflix?

Currently, there's content worth 2.2 million precious minutes of your life. Not to mention that with each passing minute, this number is increasing. As for now, the total number of titles available on Netflix is around 50,482 including each episode of shows, respectively.

Time to a little math! Converting 2.2 million into hours gives us a figure of 36,000 hours. Based on this calculation, you'd need 4 years and a month to watch everything available on Netflix right now. Don't forget that this number is ever-expanding. By the time that you'd be done watching the now available content on Netflix, there'd be another huge slot to cover that'd take you another 4 years of your life.

How much Time will it take to Watch Everything on Netflix?

As we discussed earlier, 4 years and a month is the answer to this question only if you stay at it 24/7. You need to be a superhuman with amazing superpowers to do it.

Otherwise, you, as a normal human being, need to take several breaks to eat meals, take care of the waste product that your body needs to get rid of now and then, get a shower, etc.

To make it easier for you to understand, we'd like to mention a study that was done by a student of the University of Leicester, Kinnari Naik, according to which, the maximum time that a person can spend at watching Netflix is almost 14 hours a day at their best. This calculation is made after considering 4 fluid breaks, 8 toilet breaks, 15 minutes a day for bathing, 3 meals for 30 minutes each, and 7 hours of sleep. This genius study is known as "The Netflix Obsession" that you can know more about it from here.

Since this study was done back in 2017, and we are living in 2023 now, the dynamics of the total content available on Netflix have been changed considerably. Henceforth, in 2023, if you spend 14 hours on watching Netflix, it will take you around 2,602 days to watch every current content that's available on Netflix.

Now, the main question that arises is:

Is it Really Possible to Watch Everything on Netflix?

To your utter dismay, no ! It's impossible to watch everything on Netflix unless you are a superhuman. Not to mention that you'd be wasting so much of the precious years of your life over achieving a stupid goal; to watch everything on Netflix. If you are a teenager, we suggest you spend these 4 years doing something productive that'd help you later in your life, such as building a career life, improving your academic performance since these are the most crucial and important years of your life as a teenager. Believe us when we say that you don't want to waste your time watching Netflix 14 hours a day! You have got bigger things to do !

Is Netflix Behind its Competitors in Terms of the Availability of Content?

If we take a look at the top streaming sites globally, the ones that can compete with Netflix are Hulu+, Amazon Prime , and Disney+.

Even in that list, Netflix stands as a runner up since Amazon prime has taken the lead when it comes to which streaming site has more content available on it.

The following chart will help you in getting a better insight into the matter:

Amazon Prime Over 30,000 Titles
Netflix Over 13,000 Titles
Hulu Over 4,000 Titles
HBO Max Over 2,000 Titles
Disney+ Over 900 Titles

Hence, Netflix isn't behind its competitors as much.

Now, here's the most important question that you need to ponder over:

Should you try to Watch Everything on Netflix?

In as much honesty as possible, no! Watching everything on Netflix shouldn't be your priority or anywhere near the list of your priorities since you have got bigger things to do whether you realize it now or not. If you do this stunt, you're most probably going to regret it later, and not to forget that time and tide wait for none.

Not every show is interesting and worth a watch on Netflix. But that doesn't mean that you don't have to watch Netflix at all! No! Watch any show that you find interesting and worthy of your time! It's okay even if a show requires you to spend a couple of hours binge-watching it. Just make sure that it isn't anything near to the said 14 hours. Prioritize things based on productivity.


Netflix has a huge collection of content available on it for its users. This collection just keeps multiplying each day. It's almost impossible to watch everything on Netflix without risking your sanity.

In this guide, we tried our best to explain all the math behind how much time do you need to watch everything on Netflix including some interesting facts about Netflix, its comparison with other top forums for online streaming of movies, and award-winning TV shows.

As a bottom line, Netflix is an amazing way to kill time and have some fun whether by yourself or with your loved ones. Especially, in this pandemic, you really need some activity to keep your sanity in check and Netflix can help you with that; however, everything becomes harmful if the limit is crossed. So, you just need to make sure that you aren't crossing that line.

If you found this article helpful and interesting, don't forget to share it with your friends and family who may be wondering the same as you!

Thank you! Happy watching!

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