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Ways to Thrive

by Claudius Woods

The act of scouting for jobs is as old as man. Since the beginning of the world, the early men were engaged in one job or the other. However, as the world continues to advance in technology, the number of jobs created keeps on increasing. While some jobs are tedious, others are easy with encouraging remunerations. That said, the major challenge in the world today is that most of the jobs with an easy task and reasonable payments are hard to come by - even the tougher jobs are not easy to get. This is because of the increasing population of people in the world. Hence, the only way out is to learn to live without a job. The fact that you have an idea of how best you can manage your resources while you have no job doesn't mean you resign from your job.

Summary of How to Live Without a Job

The points to note about methods to live and thrive without a job are highlighted in the table below.

Ways to Live and Thrive Without a Job Points to Note
Save Money on Housing
  1. Stay with your friend, colleagues, or family.
  2. Share the rent fee with them.
  3. They can take full responsibility.
Save Money on Food
  1. Buy food and not junks.
  2. You can rear chicken or practice aquaculture.
  3. Practice agriculture.
Minimize Entertainment Expenses
  1. Avoid spending on subscriptions.
  2. Prioritize your entertainment needs.
Reduce Transportation Costs
  1. Sell your cars to avoid the cost of maintenance.
  2. Plan your inter-city 
  3. movement.
Plan Your Budget
  1. Plan your budget based on your needs.
  2. Use tools to cut your budget.
Limit the Use of Credit Cards
  1. Don't use credit cards.
  2. Go for low interest or interest-free credit cards.
Turn Your Skills to Cash
  1. Sell your skills.
  2. Explore freelancing websites to earn more cash.
Take Simple Tasks Online
  1. Take tasks like reading emails,
  2.  taking surveys, watching videos, testing new products, shopping online, and lots more.
Give Professional Advice
  1. Earn by giving professional and expert advice from your comfort zone.
  2. Join platforms that can pay you for offering advice.

Summary of How to Live Without a Job
Summary of How to Live Without a Job

Best Ways to Live Without a Job

Learning how to live without a job will help you cope when you experience an economic downturn and the financial challenges to come in the future. Therefore, today, I will be telling you how you can live and thrive economically without a job.

1. Save Money on Housing - Link

SaveMoney on Housing
Save Money on Housing

Housing is an essential need of man. Without shelter, our existence in the world will become threatened. Since it is a vital need, the cost of renting an apartment is more costly than the cost of feeding per month. Hence, you need to use all strategies to cut down the cost of the rent. You can do this by living with your friends, colleague, and relatives that are staying alone in their home. This will automatically cut out the cost of renting an apartment because you may have to contribute the amount paid on rent, or they take full responsibility for the bills. Since you know the reason why you have come to live with them, you must be prepared to cope with all hurdles that your staying together may present to you. Apart from benefiting by cutting down your expenses, living with them also help you learn how to live in peace and relate with people.

2. Save Money on Food - Link

SaveMoney on Food
Save Money on Food

As shelter is essential, so also, food is vital. Without food, no man can survive. Hence, you need food so that you can have the energy for daily house chores, healthy living, and many more. Many a time, we spend more on food. However, if you desire to cut down your expenses on food, you need to develop the habit of producing what you eat. You can use new agricultural techniques to plant vegetables in-house. An example of these techniques is hydroponics. Also, you can create small poultry for rearing chicken. Practicing aquaculture will not be a bad idea because you can even make money from selling some fishes when you harvest them.

3. Minimize Entertainment Expenses

While food and shelter are unavoidable and vital to your existence, entertainment is another need that is not essential to your daily life. A study has shown that an average person spends about $300 per month on subscription for various entertainment packages. These expenses can be avoided when you are living without a job. By avoiding it, you save more money to finance other vital and necessary needs. However, if you are the kind of person that cannot live without enjoying some of these entertainment services, you can make a shortlist of the entertainment service provider. Maybe one or two for a month will be fine. Also, you can search for entertainment companies that allow you to stream their media content at no cost or check the library for softcopy of movies that you desire to watch.

4. Reduce Transportation Costs

Transportation is essential to speed up your transit from one place to another. However, the cost of transportation when you don't own a car may become high. Also, those that have a car and have no job are not left out - because the cost of maintaining the vehicle may become burdensome. Hence, you can cut costs on transportation by highlighting the most important place you want to visit per month. This you can do by drawing a movement schedule that will serve as a guide for your transit from one place to another. Also, you can sell your car if you have no job. Selling the car will fetch you more money to handle other financial needs.

5. Plan Your Budget - Link

PlanYour Budget
Plan Your Budget

One of the best ways to manage your expenses when you are living without a job is to make a detailed plan for your proposed monthly budget. You can do this by making a list of what you need for a month. The needs include items, utilities, and subscriptions. This will assist you in minimizing your expenses for the month. If you are not good at budget planning, you can use tools like Trim. These tools will help you cut your subscription plans and other expenses for each month.

6. Limit the Use of Credit Cards

A credit card is one of the widely used methods of payment. As fast as it may be, it can plunge you into financial instability - especially when you don't have a job. With a credit card, you have to incur debt that will attract interest. To live and thrive without a job, you have to limit the use of credit cards for the purchase of items. You can avoid its use or search for financial institutions that offer interest-free or low-interest credit cards to its users. When you get your credit card at no interest or low-interest rate, what you will focus on paying is the amount on the credit card. With this, it will be easier for you to pay at a faster pace - even when you have no job.

7. Turn Your Skills to Cash

As a person living without a job and is interested in thriving while still jobless, you can think about what you know how to do best. This involves developing the skills you have and turning it to money. For instance, your skills in photography, creative writing, and lots more - can be converted into cash. When you take pictures, you can post them online and make a substantial income by selling them. You can also sell your designing, writing, and other talents on various platforms to earn income. This you can do by joining different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and many more.

8. Take Simple Tasks Online

Nowadays, one of the avenues through which you can earn without leaving your home or when you have no job is to take some simple tasks on survey and review platforms. Many websites are created to allow people to take some tasks to earn extra money. Examples of the sites are Swagbucks, MyPoints, InboxDollar, Rakuten, and many more. On these websites, you can take simple tasks like reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos, testing new products, shopping online, and many more. When you take these tasks, you can earn rewards like points or cashback. You can also earn from packages like signup and referral bonuses. The money earned in this way can be used to finance your vital needs while you are without a job. The websites are also useful for people that desire to diversify their source of income.

9. Give Professional Advice

If you are a fresh graduate or a specialist in any aspect or field, there are ways you can earn while you are at home without a job. With your professional and reliable expertise, you can give your friends and colleagues professional and expert advice. You can do it at a cost. The amount earned from the task can be used to finance your monthly budget. You can also search for websites that can reward you when you give their users advice on their challenges.

Wrap Up

Living without a job is not a problem. However, you must learn how to thrive while you are living without a job. Discussed today are the simple steps you can take to thrive and become comfortable while you are without a job. Please read through and thrive while you are out there living without your dream job.

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