Best Android Emulators for Windows to Play Android Games and Apps at Ease

by Claudius Woods

In case you're hoping to play android supported games and applications using your computer, numerous emulators can now be accessed. As for the individuals who might be confused about the importance of android emulators on computers, this masterpiece is mearnt to clear your doubt by pointing out some of its importance. For example, developers of android sometimes upload games and apps to their computer, and can run the application with an android emulator. Gamers can appreciate android-explicit games and applications on bigger screen, and so on. In this way, since the different advantages of utilizing emulators can now be seen, it may be enticing to attempt one. The issue with all these emulators is simply the fact that most do lag and tend not to function as promoted.

Best Android Emulators for Windows to Play Android Games and Apps at Ease

From the researches I conducted so far, testing far above 20 emulators on my PC, below are the top emulators that I found without any glitch when running on any window, including window 7, 8, 10, and so on.

Nox-Player - Android Emulator Link


Nox-Player totally focuses on android gamers, even as it is superbly fine for running android applications thereby facilitating the whole experience on android, it is very suitable for playing enormous games like Justice League or PUBG.

When comparing with Bluestacks and other android emulation on window, Nox Player has more controller capability, gameplay optimizations, user-friendly interface, ability to change the Android device's buid-pro, etc.

The Nox Player also permits mapping on mouse, gamepad and keyboard. It is even possible to allocate console keyboard button for some gestures, e.g assigning an alternate routes for swiping left or right. Further more, you can preset the RAM and Central Processing Unit to be used in the option alternative to enhance the gaming experience to give you the best result.

Another advantage that Nox Player has over Bluestacks is its easiness to get rooted . In the event that you've attempted rooting BlueStacks, you'd realize that it is very stressful compared to Nox Player, where you only need to activate a toggle in the setting.

In summary, NOx Player is among one of the best Android emulator for your window out there, if not the best.

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Benefits of Using Nox Player.

· Can be rooted easily.

· It permit more than one window on one computer.

· It contains stunning UI

· It permit shortcuts for mapping on controllers.

Bluestacks - Android Emulator Link


BlueStacks is without a doubt a standout amongst the remaining of its counterpart that can be easily discover out there. It covers gaming, Not just that, but in the event that you need to appreciate other Android applications on your computer, BlueStacks is an exclusive emulator available to you. Throughout the seasons, it greatly experienced numerous refinements. The trending now works on the basis of Nougat, that is, Android 7.1.2. Of recent, the developers has also guaranteed that they will introduce the 5th edition of BlueStacks accompany with a new and better oreo-based gaming engine. Another thing is, the most fascinating thing about the emulator is its functionality on any sort of Window, be it AMD or Intel, making it available to everyone.

Another Goodnews about Bluestacks is the fact that they and samsung have already formed a syndicate to introduce samsung galaxy market for easier access on the emulator . Being that it will now give room for direct exposure to many varieties of android games like, Sonic Forces, RAID, Fortnite, etc, straight from your computer.

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Benefits of Using Bluestacks

· It functions on all windows

· It supports multiple account

· It is very easy to set up. (No technical skills required).

MEmu Play - Android Emulator Link

MEmu Play
MEmu Play

Another amazing emulator out there which already attracted numerous amount of recognition is MEmu Play, because its features are just uncountable. One valuable characteristic of it is that its functionality is both on AMD and Intel CPUs, being that this feature is absent on numerous other emulators.

Aside from that, MEmu Play emulator possesses the capacity to run numerous applications of different Android versions without any delay. Moreover, the emulator works on the basis of Nougat, that is, Android version-7, but can likewise work on version-5.0 Lollipop and version-4.4. It additionally permits three unique windows for every one of the three versions of Android. Since MEmu play possesses some incredible improvements for playing games, Then it standout from amongst the rest of the other emulators. MEmu play can work on all versions of window ranging from W-7 to W-10 and it's good both for AMD processors and Intel processors.

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Benefits of Using MEmu Play

· Both NVidia and AMD are supported

· It allows for key mapping

· It uses google map to set your virtual location.

LD Player - Android Emulator Link

LD Player
LD Player

LD Player is a newly introduced emulator, Is there anyone out there searching for a great emulator for W10 window which is enhanced for gaming? Then this emulator is a very good option for you. This great emulator by now, was released only a couple of months ago. however it has in no time been adopted by many because of its excellent performance. After installing it on my PC (AMD-controlled), it worked perfectly without any glitch. This implies that it will easily work on many Intel-based computer also. Concerning the version of Android, it runs on Nougat, (android-version-7.1.2) for excellent functionality and smooth running.

There is likewise a devoted application store for playing games and it works very good on the emulator . Also, in case you need to facilitate the function, you can simply exploit the settings for some technology relating to Virtualization using the Settings option. With everything taken into account, In summary, I would state LDPlayer a modern emulator which offers a straightforward yet excellent perception of emulators of android on computer windows, be it for playing game or for general usage.

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Genymotion - Android Emulator Link


Genymotion is the best emulator so far for all the Android developers out there that are searching for one way or the other to virtually test their newly developed Android apps on a Windows platform. It runs both on Windows application, as well as in the cloud through an internet browser so it has a broader scope of operation. What's more, it can run within a wide varieties of alternatives ranging from Android version 4.1 to the most recent version. You can likewise introduce the Google Play Store by choosing your decision of GApps bundle.

Notwithstanding, Heavy games like PUBG or Call of Duty can't be installed on it. Aside that, the best aspect of Genymotion is that it can be integrated with Android Studio on your Windows PC and build up your application easily on your decision of gadget and choice. So to finish up, in the event that you need to test applications on various Android versions using a Window domain, just go with Genymotion.

Benefits of Using Genymotion

· It can work on Linux and MacOs

· It can run a wide varieties of android version, ranging from Android 4.1 to 8.0

· It supports Android studio

Remix OS Player

The event that you want to dodge all the problems of introducing another OS in to your gadget, this player is exactly the one you should use. The R-OS Player is a without money emulator for all Windows and it works on the basis of Marshmallow, that is, Android version 6.0.

This emulator is in many aspects outstanding amongst all the other emulators for computer windows. Aside from its huge varieties of features, including, supporting Google Play locally, button mapping, quality signalled manual settings, area, battery, organize type, etc, what separates the emulator from others is the manner on how good the product is. Already given it a shot practically on all the PCs I've ever used and the product has not for once disappointed me. Steadiness is one factor to be considered in everyone's choice of emulator, and this is totally seen in this great emulator for computer windows.

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Benefits of Using Remix OS Player

· It is very good for productivity applications

· It gives Android OS experience

· It serves as a new file manager

Gameloop - Android Emulator Link


This is an alternative way to encounter an excellent Android gaming experience on your Windows. It's an excellent emulator for playing games, developed solely for those gamers that are interested in playing a wide varieties of Android games on their computer. You might be astonished to discover that this emulator, previously referred to as "gaming buddy" was created by Tencent in an experiment to test mobile games on computer. At first, the only game that could be supported on this emulator was PUBG. But presently, the company Tencent has made it possible to support tremendous number of games on android, including, Call-of-Duty (COD) and Free Fire.

Moreover, Android Play Store can be activated by introducing a different module which is accessible inside the option. In summary, Gameloop greatly support Play Store in all ramifications, as well as all the famous games of android with keyboard and mouse supported. In summary, should you be in need of an emulator for android to play games like PUBG, alongside other different games on your windows, like window 10, therefore, Gameloop is highly recommended.

Benefits of Using Gameloop

· It performs excellently and greatly

· It officially support Call of Duty

· It supports excellent mouse and keyboard integration.

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