Top Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies You Should Try in 2023

by Claudius Woods

All of us love our homes with beautiful interiors and eye-catching exteriors and try to enhance the beauty of our living spaces. A pretty house is undoubtedly a bonus, while a secure house is a necessity in today's time.

Security alarms, fire alarms, and other kinds of security gadgets intimate us about any mishap in the future. But how to cover any loss if it occurs ? It is necessary to be ready for instances when we might not be able to respond to the alarms timely and face any harm. It is, definitely. Home insurances are the savior when you face any damage to your property.

Why do you need homeowners insurance?

A homeowners insurance ensures coverage of finances of any loss to your property. Usually, homeowners insurance covers four kinds of incidents, including:

  • Exterior damage
  • Interior damage
  • Any damage to the belongings in/on the property
  • Physical harm or incident while on the property

Every kind of homeowners insurance policies has its liability limit that depends on certain factors. Usually, the limits are up to $100,000, but they can be higher, leading to higher premiums too.

Types of coverage offered by home insurance companies are

  • Guaranteed replacement value
  • Actual cash value
  • Replacement value

However, you must keep in mind that insurance companies do not offer insurance on the " act of God " or " act of war ." It means that if your property receives damage during any natural incident or war, the insurance company would not be liable to pay for that. If your property is susceptible to natural calamities, you must talk to your insurance company about extra coverage.

How to reduce home insurance cost?

Insurance companies consider your requirements and circumstances while suggesting a policy plan or setting a premium. Yet, increasing insurance costs can be stressful sometimes. Let's tell you a few ways to reduce your insurance cost and relax a bit.

  • Get quotes from different companies to get the best plan for your needs
  • Look for discounts wherever possible
  • Increase your deductibles if possible
  • Buy different insurance policies like home and auto insurance from the same company
  • Secure your house more by security devices

Cheap homeowner insurances

Homeowners insurance is not only a choice, as mostly you need to have your property insured to apply for a loan. The problem is the increase in insurance policy rates every while that makes it difficult for you to choose the right one. The increase might be owing to the terms and conditions of the company or changes in the global economy. Other than these, many factors can affect the cost of insurance for your home like the location and safety measures. Smoke-free homes or houses with simpler architecture that reduce chances of damage are likely to have a lower rate. Though, all this might vary company to company.

Let's show you some of the insurance companies that offer cheap homeowner insurance with all the benefits you are looking for

Allstate - Home Insurance Link


Allstate is a worth-considering option for all those looking for cheap homeowners insurance policies . The name Allstate is quite right as the insurance company provides services in 51 states of America with the most competent rates. From life insurance to auto and home insurance, Allstate covers it all!

Allstate is quite popular among the consumers as it caters to all different sectors of society owing to its affordable rates. Are you still wondering about the plus of buying this policy against others? Let us tell you about the amazing discount Allstate has to offer. There is an extended list of discounts that can help you save up to 30%, including:

  • Newly constructed homes
  • Smoke-free homes
  • Secure houses
  • Buying a new policy before the old one expires
  • Multi-policy holder
  • New customer
  • No-claim record from the previous insurance
  • 55+ and retired

Other than the discounts, you get a 5% bonus on renewing every year you go claim-free and a Green Improvement Reimbursement. Allstate also lets you chose insurance plans that are feasible to you and give you a better sense of security, such as its feature of flood coverage.

If you want to know more about Allstate, the website offers vast information about the policies. Or, download the Allstate app to know about everything in detail.

Amica - Home Insurance Link


If you are looking for something that tops the customer satisfaction and policy offering charts, Amica can be the best choice for you. Top rated by J.D. Power's 2019 Home Insurance Study and A.M. Best, the customer service of Amica is recognized nationwide.

With the market presence in all states of America , Amica makes it their utmost priority to reply to the queries of the customers. This made it possible for them to brag the Highest Customer Satisfaction Among National Homeowner Insurers award 17 times in a row. It is not only the customer service that makes Amica the highest ranker but the discounts and prices too.

Moreover, Amica has coverage plans for all your needs to provide you with the best you are searching for.

  • Dwelling replacement coverage: Lets you take advantage from the policy above the insurance limit, that too up to 30%
  • Catastrophic coverage: Provides insurance for damage against natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods

Amica's Platinum Choice Policy : The platinum choice policy has several additional features along with the standard policy like computer and credit card fraud. While you select this policy, you would be able to claim liability and medical costs. It also covers damage to business property if you work from home, theft of costly things, robbery of electronics including computers, water overflow coverage, and the cost of stolen items rather than the estimated value.

Aside from these policies and coverage plans, Amica is also liked for the discounts it presents:

  • e-discounts
  • Loyalty customer (for 2 years or more)
  • Multi-policy holder
  • Secure houses with security alarms and gas or water leak detection systems
  • Newly constructed house

Farmers - Home Insurance Link


Farmers is another fantastic homeowners insurance policy on the list that has made it to the top 5 insurance companies in J.D Power's ranking. It does not cater to all the states, yet you might be able to find Farmers insurance in your area as it is available in 37 states is the USA.

Farmer's homeowners insurance is among the most simple insurance options owing to the three coverage plans they provide. Among the Standard, Enhanced, and Premier plans, the Standard insurance policy can be the best for you if you are starting. The other two have higher coverage, respective premiums, guaranteed replacement cost, and other features that are excellent coverage for the price.

You can be entitled to some good discounts on

  • House-safety pieces of equipment and security alarms
  • Staying claim-free for five years
  • Loyal customer discount every year

Aside from providing the best discounts, Farmer's has an " agent finding tool" that helps you find the nearest Farmer's agent to discuss details about your needs. Also, the detailed FAQs on the website and services offered on the app can be quite helpful while searching for the right home insurance policy.

Progressive - Home Insurance Link


Progressive can be the perfect choice of insurance policy for you if you are looking for excellent customer service and low rates than others. Not to forget that the company gives its best to make policy buying and to select easily for the consumers. Progressive has a wide variety of tools to make insurance policies more accessible to you. One such tool is " Name Your Price" that enables you to find insurance policies within your budget with all the coverage details.

This is just one feature among many others like extensive coverage policies and discounts on

  • Owning a property
  • Paying full insurance cost at once
  • Automatic monthly payments
  • Online payments
  • Buying auto insurance along with home insurance
  • Insuring more than one vehicles when bundling policies

The policy has an installment and watercraft insurance option to give you the best coverage for your demands.

Progressive is quite underrated for its services, though you can find all the details on its app and have a look at the policies and rates it offers to the consumers.

USAA - Home Insurance Link

Top Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies You Should Try in 2023: USAA
Top Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies You Should Try in 2023: USAA

USAA is exclusive to military personnel, but it continues to be top-rated in J.D. Power rating. USAA has been serving for almost a century and has ensured its competency in home and auto insurance throughout. The critical element of this policy is that it offers Replacement Cost Coverage as a part of the standard policy plans, which cannot be seen in many others. Additionally, the standard policy also covers home-sharing coverage and natural disaster protection.

If you are in military service or a part of a military family, you can avail this policy to get your hands on some generous discounts like

  • Multi-policy
  • Secure home
  • Claim-free (up to 10%)
  • Customer loyalty

It's another great option among other policies for military people to get the best advantage of!

All the popular homeowners insurance companies have one thing in common, i.e., low rates and excellent customer service. And all these are best at their business. Visit the one that would be the best for your demands and get yourself a policy as soon to ensure

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