Best High Income Skills That Will Make You Money

by Claudius Woods

High income skills are valuable skills that are sellable for high rewards in the market place. One of the best ways to become wealthy in life is by learning high income skills that will come in handy when a client needs the service. High income skills are always relevant which makes it very lucrative. You will always find clients willing to pay for the service.

These skills are sort after over other minor skills and as you already know, the year is 2023 and the world is revolved round technology and the internet. Therefore, most high income skills that are in high demand are tech related.

Best High Income Skills That Will Make You Money

When talking about High Income skills, it basically means personal skills you have that can earn you a very high amount of money monthly or yearly. A high income skill must meet high demands of the marketplace and also capable of making you a healthy six figures income.

Learning high-income skills is very important because it can help you achieve a multimillionaire status you so desire. This is a key part of the Wealth Triangle according to Dan Lok, which features three major components which are High Income Skills, Scalable Business and High-Return Investments. You should be capable of earning at least $10,000-$20,000 USD monthly with high income skills.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the best high income skills that will make you money. We have carefully selected those that are in high demands, so ensure you read the article and decide which one to go with.

You can dream of that six figure salary without having a college degree if you possess a high income skill. You can become very successful in life if you carefully study and master the right skills. So, ensure you take your time out to go through our list of reliable high income skills that will make you money.

Here is the breakdown;


If you love personal research and love giving advice to people in a particular field, you might as well try your hands on consulting. This is a high income skill that can fetch you millions if you perfect the skills. For example, you can give your clients advice on the best marketing strategy to deploy for success in their business.

As an expert in this field, clients are willing to pay for your time and service in pointing out solutions to their life or business challenges. If and when they see positive results, they will be willingly to pay thousands of dollars for your service the next time and even recommend you to friends and business associates.

There are several courses online that will help you learn more about consulting and when you are fully certified, you can start your own consulting firm.

Learn more About Consulting to acquire the skill.


Software Development

Software development is one of the most lucrative high income skills on the internet. The software and web development market is fast growing and the need for unique mobile app and websites for everyday use can't be overemphasized.

Software development can be quiet challenging due to the time and effort spent in learning and perfecting the skill. All that shouldn't be an issue because the end result outweighs the time and effort spent. An average software developer in the United States earns $150,000 USD per annum, so we highly recommend it.

Learn more About Software Development to acquire the skill.


Language barriers can cause a lot of difficulties but the availability of translators makes the world of communication much better. This is a global skill, so learning the top paying translation languages will fetch you thousands of dollars. If you want to earn high income, ensure you learn how to translate languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch. You can use language learning apps such as Babbel, Duolingo and Busuu.

Learn more About Translation to acquire the skill.

Graphic Designing

The art of graphic designing is a valuable skill that will make you a lot of money. You can work as an independent contractor while you assist clients in designing posters, brochures, logos, flyers, business cards and a lot more.

It is not as lucrative as other high income skill but you can still make thousands of dollars as a graphics design freelancer. Studies shows that you can earn as high as $50,000 USD yearly if you have the right connect. You can use tools such as Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to practice and perfect the skill.

Learn more About Graphic Designing to acquire the skill.

Audio Production

Audio production is the art of recording and editing audio to produce a desired sound. This is a lucrative skill that will make you famous in the entertainment industry. If you are very good with audio production, you can become a sort after music producer. You can also work as a studio engineer at transmitting stations.

Companies like Microsoft, IBM and Apple are constantly seeking for professional audio production engineers and you can earn as high as $80,000 USD every year.

To learn this skill, you can go online to get course materials or enroll in a sound engineering institution. You will need to get the necessary equipment such as headphones, microphones, computer system and audio software packages to properly get started with it.

Learn more About Audio Production to acquire the skill.

Audio Production
Audio Production

UX Design

UX Designers are in high demand in our world today due to constant technology advancement. The duty of a UX designer is to ensure a seamless user friendly interface for apps, machines and websites. They provide good accessibility to the latest technologies and ensure consumers enjoy quality product services from relevant platforms. As a UX designer, you can earn $80,000 to $120,000 per year.

Learn more About UX Design to acquire the skill.


Copywriting is one of the high income skills that can be easily developed. This involves writing of emails, sales letter and ads for major brands and companies. You can earn an average of $10,000 USD monthly from copywriting.

As a copywriter, you will be required to write texts with the sole aim of promoting and advertising a product or brand. The focus is mainly on using the power of words to market your client's products and services.

You can specialize in writing product descriptions and marketing commercials for interested clients. There are several courses you can take online to learn more about copywriting and you can also get a mentor offline to guide you.

Learn more About Copywriting to acquire the skill.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are in high demand all around the world. Companies and big brands are always seeking to get and maintain a huge online presence but that can only be made possible through digital marketing.

An average digital marketer makes a whole lot of money which is in the region of $60,000 to $80,000 USD yearly. There are different tasks expected of a digital marketer such as writing emails, running social media campaigns, search engine optimization, video content development and many more.

To earn big as a digital marketer, you can start as a freelancer or start your own agency that firms can consultant. It is a very good high income skill.

Learn more About Digital Marketing to acquire the skill.

Affiliate Marketing

This is quite different from digital marketing. This requires using your social media presence to promote products and brands while you get paid for the service. You must have a huge followers and also command a strong online presence to excel as an affiliate marketer. Ensure you learn how to generate traffic to your page.

Learn more About Affiliate Marketing to acquire the skill.

The list of high income skills is endless and the ones we discussed about in this guide are the ones we highly recommend. However, you can learn more about other high income skills such as;

We have carefully attached relevant links where you can learn more about these high income skills. Furthermore, there are courses you can register for online that will allow you acquire the skill of your choice. Don't hesitate to check them out.


In life, you have to keep adding value to yourself if you want to be really wealthy and successful. Financial freedom is what every man desire and one of the best ways to get that is by learning high income skills. When you acquire any of the skills listed in this guide, you will be giving yourself a high standard in the entrepreneur world.

There are numerous websites on the internet that offers professional courses on most high income skills but we highly recommend Udemy and Skillshare if you are interested in acquiring any of the skills. There are varieties of courses you can choose from on these sites, so ensure you sign up today and get started.

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