Can You Buy a Money Order with a Credit Card ? - Safety Tips and Guides

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Many financial firms receive payments for a credit card for money orders, while some financial institutes do not accept it . The most acceptable way of knowing if it is possible to buy a money order with a credit card, or not, is to ask the professional of each financial firm before making any attempt to get the credit card.

All the same, it is necessary to be cautious about using it . Because it attracts more risk using a credit card to buy it.

So, it is often better, and safer to review all factors before concluding the credit card.

What is a Money Order?

  • A money order is a stable means to deliver money using the mail .
  • Also, to make donations to companies with payment options that are few.
  • A money order is a sure payment for a certain amount of dollars that you can send to people, or pay bills .
  • Money order is the number of dollars you can use to settle charges or send money to certain people.
  • You can also use money orders, such as cash-money .
  • It is different from the cash, in that you will get a receipt that authorizes you to trace your accounts or your money order that is either stolen or lost .
  • It fixes money, not more than a thousand dollars ($1,000). In any case, in which you desire more than a thousand dollars. You will then need to buydouble money orders or better still select a different pattern of payment.

Summary of PROS and CONS Buying a Money Order with a Credit Card

The table below highlights the pros and cons of using.

Advantages Of Using A Money Order

Limitations Of Using A Money Order

They have established procedures of payment and safer than holding cash
You might need to pay a charge
The amount has been prepaid, so money orders do not bounce as checks do.
There might be a need for you to visit a dealer of money order
It can be sent through the mail
Mobile deposit through banks is not allowed.
It is much cheaper
It can get lost since it's a piece of paper.
It is a good option for safety payment
You will need to pay a certain amount of money to stop payment.

Reasons for You to Buy a Money Order

If you have cash at hand, you may marvel at the essentials of money order.

The importance of money orders are as follows:

Transferring money using mail

  • If there are needs for you to deliver payment by mail, a money order remits more safely than sending a check or cash.
  • With a money order, you will be able to cancel the payment, even though it might not be a simple operation and will cost extra fees .
  • It doesn't contain crucial monetary details that an identity thief can alter.
  • Also, money orders do not contain sensitive financial information that can be a hack or susceptible to stealing.

Transferring money to another country .

  • With money orders, it simpler to deliver funds to other countries .
  • With issuers of a money order that has branches in other countries. You can buy a money order and ask your recipient in another country to settle the payment .

Are there any other options other than Money Orders?

Transferring money to another country   .
Transferring money to another country .

Several people do not like to stroll around with large quantities of money in their bags. They may also not be ready to receive a check because of the tendency to bounce a money order is a safe option for cash or checks.

Many people buy money orders, because;

  • They do not have a bank account.
  • They want to protect their checking account numbers
  • They want to prevent sending cash using the mail.

In any of these circumstances, still, a money order is not the only choice.

Below are some options:

  • You can pay your bills using a credit card: you can try plasticwhich is an online service agent that allows you to pay bills using a credit card for charges of 2.5 percent
  • You can transfer money within your locality by using Paypal, which enable you to finance your transfer with a credit card for around 3%. And in case the money is in your checking account, you can make use of bank bill pay service.
  • You can transfer money to other countries, and the receiver can make use of transferwise, as their charges are according to the type of currency but are cheaper than money orders.
  • You can also pay a foreigner for a large buy: Let us assume you bought a bicycle from Craigslist. And you are skeptical of offering the seller a cashier's check or check with your data on it, and you can pay through one of the online platforms above.

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How to write a Money Order

  • You can write money orders the exact similar way you write a check .
  • After confirming the amount you want the money order, you will write out your details on the front of the money order .
  • You will also need to fill in the information of the person who will receive the money order.
  • After writing all the data, you will sign the money order at the front and then send it. Mail it or give it to the person of your desire.

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Where Can You Buy a Money Order?

Where Can You Buy a MoneyOrder?
Where Can You Buy a MoneyOrder?

You can buy money orders these days, from different locations and places. Such as:

i. Retail stores

ii. Post Offices

iii. Banks

iv. Credit unions

v. Grocery shops

vi. Check cashing stores and many more.

More information

  • You will need to pay an upfront fee for money orders whenever you buy a money order depending on the amount of money you need.
  • The cost differs for each location like the post office or chase bank, Walmart, MoneyGram, and many more.
  • And also the charges or cost varies from as small as $60 to almost $2 so you can often price.
  • You cannot buy money orders online presently, because sellers want all transactions in the individual present.

Do Money Orders Expire?

  • Money orders do not expire. But the location and place where you get the money order can effect an extra cost if you leave it for too long.
  • The scenario of charges attached can occur if the money order is idle for about 1-3 years of the purchase date, which can rank as a property that has no claim
  • Ensure to review the terms and conditions written on the back of the money order detailing any noticeable service costs .
  • Any charges attached to cash , your money order will reflect on the total amount of the money order.
  • It is advisable to buy a money order from the post office because money orders from post offices do not expire . It is also suitable if you know you won't acknowledge your money order very soon .
  • You should visit the location where you get the money order from to know what their laws are about cashing old money orders .

Buy a Money Order with a Credit Card

  • You will pay a massive interest rate . Because many of the credit cards have an APR that is higher than the usual APR purchase.
  • You will not have an extra period to pay off accumulating interest.
  • You will not be able to receive rewards.

Can I use Credit Cards For Money Order?

  • Yes! It is possible to buy a money order with a credit card and the use of check, cash, or check to buy a money order.
  • Credit card issuers and banks perceive this as a means in which they can make a luxurious deal that comprises of a fee depending on the percentage of the money order.
  • But it is not advisable to use credit cards with money orders. But some cards are decent alternatives.

The Credit Cards Do Not Charge Advance Cash Fees Nor Have Any APRs

1. PenFed Platinum Rewards VisaCard - Credit Card Link

PenFed Platinum Rewards VisaCard
PenFed Platinum Rewards VisaCard


  • No yearly fee charges
  • You'll get a bonus of $100 credit when you spend $1,500 in the first 3months.
  • Five times credit point per dollar on gas and three times in grocery store. and for all purchases, you'll get one point.
  • Free transaction
  • 11.74% to 17.99% cash advance APR

2. CapEd VisaCard - Credit Card Link

CapEd VisaCard
CapEd VisaCard


  • No yearly fee charges
  • A reward of one point per dollar spent.
  • Free transaction charges.
  • 4.90% for one year, then to 9.45%-17.45%.for Cash advance APR

3. MICU VisaCard - Credit Card Link

MICU VisaCard
MICU VisaCard

Features :

  • No yearly charges
  • A reward of one point per dollar spent.
  • 8.99% or 9.99% for Cash Advance APR

4. American Credit Card - Credit Card Link

American Credit Card
American Credit Card

Features :

  • No yearly charges
  • A reward of one point per dollar spent.
  • 9.49%-18.00% Variable for a Cash advance APR

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Can I buy a Money Order with a Debit Card?

Yes! Debit cards are also a considerable means to pay for a money order. You can use any debit cards, which includes:

  • Check cards.
  • Maestro debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • ATM cards


It is not advisable to buy a money order with a credit card. It is not so good due to the extra interest charges that will accumulate. But we have given detailed information about what you might need to know about Money Order.

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