Reliable Ways to Get Legit Walmart Cashback

Up to 15%

by Claudius Woods

Nowadays, almost all shoppings are done on online stores and Walmarts. While you shop for your needs at Walmart stores, you are privileged to save some cash in the form of cashback. Cashback earned are largesse that your shopping and other activities online can attract to your account. The cashback earned from your activities assists you to meet up with extra financial obligations. Many websites and channels have available to get points and cashback that are redeemable to Walmart gift cards.

Summary of Reliable Ways to Get Legit Walmart Cashback

Legit Walmart Cashback Tasks Performed
Survey Junkie
  1. Take and complete surveys
  2. Shopping online at Walmart stores
  3. Playing games
  1. Take surveys
  2. Play games online
  3. Watch videos
  4. Shop online
  1. Play games online
  2. Watch videos
  3. Shop online
RakutenShoppings on online e-commerce and retail stores
HoneyPurchase products from online stores
  1. Get refunds from purchased goods on recognized stores
  2. Track shipments and process compensation
Walmart reward cardPurchase goods from Walmart store
IbottaPurchase products from the app-recognized stores
Fetch RewardsPurchase goods from any online store
TopCashbackPurchase products from e-commerce and retail stores online
  1. Link your debit or credit card
  2. Purchase goods

However, not all of them are legit and trusted. These sites offer excellent Walmart cashback to its users. Today, I will be telling you nine reliable ways to get legit Walmart cashback when you go shopping.

Best Ways to Get Legit Walmart Cashback

1. Survey Platforms

The Survey platform is one of the great platforms where you can get legit Walmart gift cards easily. The platforms offer you options to shop on its Walmart stores. These survey platforms include the following

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an excellent platform where you can perform simple tasks to earn points. The tasks performed on Survey Junkie include taking and completing surveys, shopping online at Walmart stores, playing games, and many more. On Survey Junkie, you take more surveys or perform other tasks to earn more points. One hundred points earned on Survey Junkie by performing tasks is equivalent to $1. All your earnings on Survey Junkie can be withdrawn into your PayPal account or as e-gift cards. The gift cards earned can be used to purchase goods from Walmart stores online.

Swagbucks - Cashback Link


Swagbucks is a reputable platform that is widely used to earn legit Walmart gift cards by performing simple tasks. Swagbucks is designed to help its users cater to their essential, utility, and other financial obligations. To earn on Swagbucks, you are required to carry out simple tasks like taking surveys, playing games online, watching videos, shopping online, and many more. When you perform any of these tasks, you earn points in the Swagbucks currency (SB). The Swagbucks earned are accumulated by carrying out more tasks. The SB earned can be redeemed to cash by withdrawing to your PayPal account or redeem it to gift cards. The gift cards can be used to purchase goods on Walmart stores.

MyPoints - Cashback Link


Another platform that allows its users to earn points by performing simple tasks is MyPoints. The site is dedicated to users that desire to earn extra income to meet up with their financial expenses. MyPoints present its users with tasks like playing games, shopping online, watching videos, and many more. When you join the platform, you can earn more points by performing more tasks. MyPoints offer new users a $10 signup bonus when they create an account. MyPoints also reward you with 10 points when you purchase jewelry and automotive products. The site also has lists of qualified products through which you can earn four points for each dollar spent. All points accumulated can be redeemed to cash or as gift cards.

2. Rakuten - Cashback Link


Founded in 1998, Rakuten, also known as Ebates, is an excellent, reputable, and trusted platform through which you can earn cashback from your shopping activities. The site offers one of the best cashback services to its users. Rakuten helps you to save more money when you make the purchase of goods from its recognized online stores. When you purchase products from Walmart stores, you earn about 5% cashback. To qualify for its services, you need to signup for its services. When you create an account on Rakuten as a new user, you are rewarded with a $10 signup bonus. With Rakuten, you also earn a $25 referral bonus when you invite a friend to the platform. To make its services more accessible to its users, Rakuten has a well designed mobile app that has all its fantastic features you will also get on the desktop version.

3. Honey - Cashback Link


Honey is a fantastic platform that allows users to earn Walmart cashback from their purchasing activities. When you join the site by creating an account, you can earn coupons and gift cards seamlessly. All you need to do is to purchase goods from stores recognized on Honey. These online stores include Amazon, Walmart, and many more. When you buy products from these stores, you earn points as "Honey Gold." On the Honey platform, 1000 Honey Gold is equivalent to $10. You can redeem all points earned to gift cards for the purchase of goods. However, there is no fixed percentage of the amount of cashback you can earn on your purchase through the Honey platform.

4. Paribus - Cashback Link


Paribus is a fantastic platform that allows its users to access refund on their purchase. The app is designed in a way that it monitors price changes on goods you recently purchased and alerts you when there is a drop in the price of the item. Once there is a suspected drop in the cost of the items, Paribus will negotiate on your behalf and claim your refund. Apart from negotiating and helping you to claim refunds, Paribus also tracks the shipment of your goods. It helps you request for compensation when the consignment is delivered late. These compensations and refunds may be claimed in the form of gift cards.

5. Walmart Reward Card - Cashback Link

WalmartReward Card
Walmart Reward Card

Capital One Walmart card is a reward given to customers that purchase goods from Walmart stores. When you buy products from Walmart store,, and Walmart app, you are rewarded with 5% cashback on every purchase. You can get 2% cashback by purchasing goods in-person at Walmart and Murphy fuel station, and Walmart stores in the United States. Also, you can get 2% cashback by paying for travel and restaurants and 1% cashback on your purchase from any store with Mastercard. The cashback earn can be redeemed by using it to purchase goods at, redeem it to reduce credit card balance, and as gift cards and travel bookings.

6. Ibotta - Cashback Link


Ibotta is an excellent platform that offers its users various cash back rewards from their purchase activities through its apps. When you purchase goods from e-commerce and retail stores on the list of Ibotta, you become eligible to earn cashback rewards. These retail stores include Walmart, grocery stores, home depot, and many more. Through the Ibotta app, you earn cashback on home, groceries, home, and other products when you scan and upload your receipt. The cashback takes less than a day to reflect in your account. Apart from the cashback earned from your purchases, you can earn a $10 signup bonus when you newly join the platform.

7. Fetch Rewards - Cashback Link

Fetch Rewards
Fetch Rewards

If you want to have a cashback reward regardless of the retail or e-commerce store where you made your purchase, Fetch Rewards is the best app you can use. The straightforward to use app offers you excellent cashback services on your purchase at any store of your choice. All you have to do is to scan and upload the receipt of the items you have purchased. Fetch Rewards will give you points on the purchased items. When accumulated over a period, the points earned can be redeemed to Walmart gift cards.

8. TopCashback - Cashback Link


TopCashback is an excellent platform that is famous among people that desire to earn cashback from their purchase from e-commerce and retail stores online. The platform is designed to assist its users to earn cashback from thousands of websites. When you log into or signup to the platform, you earn excellent cashback rewards by purchasing goods through the platform. The cashback earned can be redeemed to cash through PayPal, ACH payment, and gift cards. You can use the gift cards to purchase goods at Walmart stores and TopCashback remains one of the best and highest paying cashback platforms.

9. Dosh - Cashback Link

Reliable Ways to Get Legit Walmart Cashback: Dosh
Reliable Ways to Get Legit Walmart Cashback: Dosh

Dosh is a fantastic platform that offers its users excellent cashback services. One unique feature about Dosh is that it does not reward its users with points or coupon-it deals directly with cash. To earn some money on the Dosh platform, you need to link your debit or credit card with the platform. By doing this, you will be eligible to earn cashback on all purchases made with the cards. The credit or debit cards also enable you to earn 10% cashback when buy goods from about 1000 restaurants and stores. Dosh ensures it deposits your cashback in your Dosh account. Also, you can receive a reward of $5 when you invite a friend to join, and they link their debit or credit cards to the platform.

Wrap Up

Walmart gift cards are vital for individuals that purchase their goods from Walmart stores and The process of getting legit Walmart gift cards are easy and straightforward. The platforms discussed here are reputable, trusted, and legit channels through which you can earn cash back and cash that can be redeemed to earn Walmart gift cards. The gift cards can be used to purchase goods from various e-commerce and retail stores online. Choosing any of these platforms won't be a bad idea. Explore any of them and start claiming your Walmart gift cards seamlessly.

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